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Welcome to the Decks page! The Dowloads are in .dek format, which is the format used by RTS, the Redempion Table Simulator. If you don't have it yet, download it here.

Our first deck comes from Justin The Guardian Alstad. This is what he says about the first one, known as Stop the Banding!:
This deck was built to fight the many by the numbers banding/attack decks that have become so widespread. The offense is limited and its success is dependent on your opponent not having a lot of defense. The defense is based on 'cannot be negated' abilities such as the ones on Asherah Pole, Simon the Magician, Haman's Plot and The Rabshakeh Attacks. However, the defense is not meant to last forever, only long enough to allow you to rescue 5 souls.
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The second one from The Guardian is the Purple/Silver Attack deck, a highly offensive and extremely speedy deck. Writes Justin:
A basic attack deck that is designed to draw your deck fast in order to get to your instants as soon as possible. With Ethiopian Treasurer, Great Faith, Prosperity and Reach of Desperation, Purple is well suited to draw quick. It also is a good complement to Silver which has some powerful battle winners. The key to any defenseless deck is to use your instants as your defense and to be able to attack whenever possible, and this deck is no exception.
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Thought by some to be the two best colors in the game right now, Red and Black can prove to be a deadly combination as in this deck Red and Black Attack. This deck, by Tim Mierzejewski, is very similar to the one he took to NE regionals and piloted into the finals.
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Our next deck comes from Joshua Hey, who has consistently been top 3 on Jacob's Ladder since it started. He has this to say about his monster 105-Card Deck:
Ok, well this may seem obvious, but playing strategy is simple. On offense its drawing cards and negating any evil enh possible (I have 8 negates). Defensively, you have tons of site killers. Only possible weakness is early on which is why I include 2 Burial Shrouds.
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These next two decks are from Justin Sangillo, who recently took first place at NE Regionals.

The first one is called Convert Making & Hostage Taking, so you can probably guess the strategy.
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This next one is simply known as Fight by Banding, which has become more of an archetype than a specific deck. However, Justin is known for his excellent fight by banding decks, so this one should perform better than most.
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These last two, from Jonathan Jonthemon Potter were probably good decks at some point, and may still be able to hold their own, but they contain no cards from the recent Kings set. With modifications they would probably perform quite well, but you will have to put some work into it.
This first one is yet another fight by banding deck, called Band with Abandon. Says Jon:
This is your standard banding deck. Massive amounts of offensive banding cards topped with Captain or Shamhuth or in conjunction with Abraham's Servant to Ur. Covenant of David and Wool Fleece keep the banding working. The defense is just standard black.
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The final one is The Site Deck. Jon says:
It's your basic site deck with White and Red sites. The offense helps with sites by using Vengeance and Jacob's Dream; the defense gets rid of opponent's sites with Joseph in Prison, Danites Attack, Achan's Sin, Land Made Waste. Because of sites and the cards to help them, the rest of the offense and defense are smaller than normal, meaning they are more delicate and slower than a standard deck. However, this site deck can be patient.
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