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Cards in deck: 56

Lost Souls: 8

Lost Soul

Lost Soul (*/4)

Lost Soul (female only)

Lost Soul (hopper)

Lost Soul (N.T. only)

Lost Soul (shuffler)

Lost Soul (site doubler)

Lost Souls (2-line)

Lamb Dominants: 4

Angel of the Lord

Guardian Of Your Souls

New Jerusalem

Son of God

Grim Reaper Dominants: 4


Christian Martyr

Destruction of Nehushtan

Falling Away

Fortresses: 1

Wall of Protection

Multi-Color Sites: 1

Dragon Raid

Artifacts: 7

Asherah Pole

Burial Shroud

Chariot of Fire

Holy of Holies

Household Idols

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Unholy Writ

Silver Heroes: 5

Angel of His Presence

Captain of the Host



Strong Angel, The

Purple Heroes: 1


Silver Hero Enhancements: 4

Angelic News

Angel's Sword

Captain's Sword

Three Angels

Purple Hero Enhancements: 2


Reach of Desperation

Gold Evil Characters: 1

King of Tyrus

Pale Green Evil Characters: 5

King Jehoiakin

King Sennacherib

Messenger of Satan

Prince of this World

Rabshakeh, The

Black Evil Characters: 1

Simon the Magician

Brown Evil Characters: 2


King Zedekiah

Gold Evil Enhancements: 1

Sorrow of Mary

Pale Green Evil Enhancements: 6

Achan's Sin


Death of Unrighteous

Glittering Spear

Rabshakeh Attacks, The

Two Thousand Horses

Black Evil Enhancements: 1

Joseph in Prison

Brown Evil Enhancements: 2

Haman's Plot

Korah's Rebellion