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Use Crown of Thorns with Wicked Thief to give you a nice 3/1 blocker, while killing most of your opponent's small evil characters.

Claudia to Ethiopian Treasurer allows you to play the first enhancement. Play Reach of Desperation, Book of Jashar, and Book of Hozai will allow you to draw 15 cards. Follow it up with Stillness or Trust, and you can do it all again next turn, with no possiblity of this being interrupted.

Rescue with Beniah and Play Abel's Sacrifice to make it play by the numbers for your opponent, but not for you.

When you have Raider's Camp in play, block with King Jehoahaz, capture your own King Amaziah. If your opponent wins a lost soul, just put King Amaziah back in your territory. Also works well if you play Political Savvy on King Jehoahaz, because then you can repeat it.

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